How To Integrate Razorpay Payment Button Elementor In WordPress Website

If you want to integrate Razorpay Payment Elementor Button Plugin for WordPress then you need to accept payments through the website using Razorpay Payment Elementor Button. Razorpay provides no’s of Payment Choices including Credit Card, Debit card, International Payments, EMI’s, Net Banking, UPI, and Wallet options. 

Many facilities that make it unique from other payment gateway are…

  • Ability to receive from various modes of payments
  • Unique report to payments accepted through all modes
  • Customised reminder option to buyers via e-mail/SMS
  • No settlement hassles
  • Saves time

In this tutorial, I will provide you with easy ways to integrate Razorpay Payment Elementor Button into your WordPress website within just a few clicks.

Requirements for Razorpay Payment Elementor Button Integration

  • Register & validate your documents with Razorpay Click Here
  • Create the API keys via Razorpay Dashboard
  • First, you can use test mode keys for testing & after successful testing, you can shift to Live mode.
  • Download the latest WooCommerce Razorpay Payment Elementor  Button Click Here

Compatibilities and Dependencies

  • WordPress v5.7.2
  • PHP v7.0 or higher


  1. Log into your WordPress Admin Panel.
  2. Navigate to Plugins> Add New.
  3. Upload Razorpay Payment Elementor Button.
  4. Install & Activate

Razorpay Payment Gateway Plugin Configuration

  1. Log in to the Razorpay Dashboard with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to the Settings → API Keys → Generate Key
  3. Find key_id & key_salt.
  4. Copy required details for later use.

Website Configuration

  1. Go to Plugins.
  2. Navigate to your Razorpay Elementor Buttons and click on the setting button.
  3. Now tick on enable Razorpay Payment Module.
  4. Set Title, Description.
  5. Enter your Razorpay key_id and key_secret from your Merchant Dashboard.
  6. Leave Payment_action button to Authorise and Capture.
  7. Hit the Save Changes button.

Now the just test it on your Website. You are good to go live now. If you are getting to have any problems in integration then contact us. We’ll integrate Razorpay Payment Elementor Button Plugin for you. 

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