How to Integrate Zoom in WordPress Website

In this tutorial, I will help you by proving simple and easy methods to integrate zoom into your WordPress Website. We need some prebuild plugins available on the WordPress repository which helps us in creating Live Zoom meetings and Zoom Webinars on the website.

Let’s start by completing the basic Requirements for integration

Integration of zoom in your favourite website required very decent requirements. It takes a few minutes to complete the requirements. Now just click on the links below to complete that and provide the basic information & credential.

What you need is >>

The next step is to generate the API Key and Secret.

  • First sign in to your Zoom account.
  • Now Go to
  • Select JWT and click on create button.
  • Type Name for your App.
  • Fill in your required information and click on the continue button.
  • Now a popup appears with your API Key and Secret.
  • Just Copy the API Key and Secret boxes for later use. 

Configuring the zoom plugin on the website

  • Navigate to Zoom> Setting.
  • Enter the previously copied API Key and Secret into the appropriate fields.
  • Hit the “Save Changes” button.

Check API Connection is working or not?

  • Just for confirmation about provided information just click on “Check API Connection”.
  • Now you get a message about it’s working or not.

Final Words

The above steps provided in this tutorial is easy to perform by any person who is having a basic knowledge of WordPress. Also, the Integration of zoom in your favourite website is easy to configure and less time-consuming. If you get stuck between methods I’m happy to help you to fix that problem.

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