How to Setup Zoom in WordPress Website | Zoom Shortcodes | Video Conferencing with Zoom Shortcodes

In this tutorial, I’m going to help you to set up the meetings/webinars. In the next few steps, you are going to set up your profiles. All you need to do is just follow the below steps. Now business also using zoom in their websites. 

Step 1: Go to your WordPress website Dashboard has here you may found a new section named (Zoom Meetings).

Step 2: Navigate to (Zoom Meetings) and click on settings.

Step 3: Here you may found input fields for (API Key

, API Secret Key).

Step 4: Go to

Step 5: Log in with account previously created

Step 6: Click on develop option or just click on this link:

Step 7: Now Click JWT and Create.

Step 8: On the next screen just look for App Credentials and click on it from here copy the API key and API Secret.

Step 9: Finally click on the Save button.

Step 10: To check whether provided credentials are working or not just click on the (Check API Connection to verify) button

Zoom Shortcodes | Video Conferencing with Zoom Shortcodes

Here are some useful shortcodes provided by the plugin developer you can also use them according to your need. Please change the meeting id, webinar id, host id, category accordingly.

  • Basic Usage:

 [zoom_api_link meeting_id=”123456789″ link_only=”no”]

  • Show Recordings based on Meeting ID:

[zoom_recordings_by_meeting meeting_id=”MEETING_ID” downloadable=”no”]

  • Listing Zoom Meetings:

[zoom_list_meetings per_page=”5″ category=”test,test2,test3″ order=”ASC” type=”upcoming” filter=”no”]

  • Listing Zoom Webinars:

[zoom_list_webinars per_page=”5″ category=”category1,category2,category3″ order=”ASC” type=”upcoming” filter=”no”]

  • Show recordings based on HOST ID.:

[zoom_recordings host_id=”HOST_ID” downloadable=”yes”]

  • List Host ID:

[zoom_list_host_meetings host=”HOST_ID”]

  • Show webinars based on HOST ID in frontend.:

[zoom_list_host_webinars host=”HOST_ID”]

  • Embed Zoom Meeting in your Browser:

[zoom_join_via_browser meeting_id=”MEETING_ID” login_required=”no” help=”yes” title=”Test” disable_countdown=”yes” passcode=”12345″ webinar=”no”]

  • Show Webinar based meeting ID.:

[zoom_api_webinar webinar_id=”WEBINAR_ID” link_only=”no”]

Final Words

The above steps provided in this tutorial is easy to perform by any person who is having a basic knowledge of WordPress. Also, the setting up of zoom in your favourite website is easy to configure and less time-consuming. If you get stuck between methods I’m happy to help you to fix that problem.

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